Peter Apps

Global peace declines for first time since WWII

World peace is deteriorating after six decades of gradual improvement since World World II, according to a new global security report.

Online videos showcase Syrian rebels’ foreign weaponry

From his home in Leicester, former business administrator Elliot Higgins trawls through sometimes hundreds of videos a day from Syria's civil war.

Cyberspace the new frontier in Iran’s war with foes

Two years after the Stuxnet computer worm attacked its nuclear program, Iran is increasingly turning to cyberspace to retaliate against sanctions.

Gaddafi’s death avoids potentially embarrassing trial

Muammar Gaddafi's death means a long and complex trial that could have divided Libya and embarrassed Western governments and oil firms will be avoided

Press barons lose monopoly in Twitter era

The manner of the <i>News of the World</i>'s demise shows controlling information is getting much more difficult.

For China activists, hacking attacks a fact of life

Security experts say any sophisticated state in the 21st century has formidable powers to read almost any electronic information it wishes.

Govts struggle to recruit, keep ‘cyber warriors’

Cyberspace is likely to be a key battleground for states in the 21st century but recruiting those with the technical skills to fight will be tough.

Côte d’Ivoire: Coast is far from clear

Laurent Gbagbo may be on his way out in Côte d'Ivoire but Alassane Ouattara will inherit a divided country, an unsolved massacre and chaos in Abidjan.

Kidnap and ransom: Negotiating lives for cash

When John Chase's phone rings, he does not know whether he will be called to deal with a Somali pirate hijacking or commercial kidnapping.

World scrambles to contain food inflation

Record high food prices are moving to the top of policymaker agendas, driven by fears it could stoke inflation, protectionism and unrest.

WikiLeaks shows 21st-century secrets harder to keep

The diplomatic cables so far released by WikiLeaks might embarrass US diplomats but probably won't shatter any international relationships.

Piracy not the only game in Indian Ocean naval build-up

Warships keep watch against Somali pirates -- but in the long run, newly arrived navies from India, China, Russia may be as much rivals as allies.

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