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Jeremy Wakeford

Barrelling down the wrong track

Any infrastructure plans that are based on oil dependency should be scrapped and replaced with sustainable alternatives.

Mthombo: A white elephant in the making

In the face of falling oil supplies and rising prices PertoSA's planned oil refinery will run into trouble.

Crude warning for policymakers

Peak oil demands a new liquid fuel strategy, writes <b>Jeremy Wakeford</b>.

Early involvement is always good

"Legal input starts almost from the word go in most mergers and acquisitions these days," says Alan Keep, of Bowman Gilfillan. He managed the legal team from Bowman that represented Standard Bank in the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China acquisition of 20% stock at the end of last year.

The new limits to growth

Let us venture into a political no-go zone and say that, at some point in the not too distant future, there is a bitter pill that we will need to swallow -- and we are getting just a foretaste with the current energy crisis. In a nutshell, our global growth-based economic model is fundamentally unsustainable.

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