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Answers elude eurozone
/ 6 December 2010

Answers elude eurozone

Ireland bailout has failed to restore confidence in the euro. <b>Jill Treanor</b> looks at what might be done to restore confidence in the currency.

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/ 25 February 2008

Wary of giant country funds

Major institutional investors plan to urge the sovereign wealth funds that have propped up the world’s banking system to be transparent in their activities and conscientious shareholders. The international investment community is planning to meet some of the leading sovereign wealth funds next month to discuss their investment strategies.

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/ 6 January 2006

Treger to invest in BEE

Julian Treger, the activist investor known for causing a number of boardroom bust-ups in London, has emerged as a key player in an investment vehicle seeking to finance black economic empowerment in his native South Africa. Treger wants to use a shell company listed on Aim, London’s junior market, to invest in companies in South Africa that, under local rules, are required to boost their black ownership.

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/ 11 November 2005

Bird flu: Can insurers cope?

Britain’s Financial Services Authority is asking insurance companies about their ability to withstand a deluge of claims on life insurance policies if the country were hit by a bird flu pandemic. The regulator has also asked financial firms to prepare plans to continue operating in the event of their staff being struck by the flu.