Barclays chief in the pound seats

Barclays bank chief executive Bob Diamond received nearly £20-million last year even though the bank's profits fell and this has angered trade unions.

Big bonuses despite losses

Union cries foul as investment bankers profitand taxpayers wait to get £45-billion back.

Executives’ slice of the pie gets smaller too

The bailed-out British Lloyds Banking Group has revealed it had plunged to a £3.5-billion loss last year and would pay out £375-million in bonuses.

Now’s not a good time to bomb Iran, US tells Israel

The head of the US military has warned Israel against attacking Iran's nuclear facilities, saying such a strike would be destabilising "at this time".

And the first bailout goes to … Dexia

Dexia has become the first casualty of the 2011 banking crisis, with its Belgian arm being bought, providing a €90-billion guarantee for its financing

Throwing money at the euro

Stock markets have endured days of sharp volatility amid uncertainty about how eurozone leaders intend to solve the crisis.

French banks come out fighting

The exasperated chief executive of Société Générale, stood in front of investors in New York on Tuesday this week for some "straight talk".

No denouement in sight for Greek saga

This week German Chancellor Angela Merkel quashed hopes of finding a lasting solution for Greece at the crucial summit of European leaders.

Greece’s Lehman moment

As the cost of default insurance soars, the IMF has warned dithering eurozone policymakers to move quickly to contain the danger of contagion.

European Parliament votes for Robin Hood tax

Legislators call for a €200-billion-a-year financial transactions tax to be levied on banks to discourage speculative trading.

Answers elude eurozone

Ireland bailout has failed to restore confidence in the euro. <b>Jill Treanor</b> looks at what might be done to restore confidence in the currency.

Irish case casts doubt on EU bank’s stress test

Doubts were raised about whether the Europe-wide "stress tests" of more than 90 banks published in July had been thorough enough.

Press Releases

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