Jo-Ann Bekker

Left to their own (clever) devices

Allowing pupils to use a mix of IT equipment improves their performance in a whole lot of ways.

Equity moves to turn unbanning around

"I don't see anything to jump around about," commented Johannesburg actress Gcina Mhlope.

Emotional support triumphs over drugs

A special kind of teacher and psychologist helped Jo-Ann to succeed.

Along the leaf litter spoor

Jo-Ann Bekker talks to lion man turned elephant man Gareth Patterson, who claims that there are nine Kynsna elephants.

Looking at the ‘Sharpeville Six’ – one by one

Theresa Ramashamola was convicted of murder and subversion for shouting: ''He is shooting at us, let's kill him,''...

Hospital investigator stands down

Of the other 50 doctors who signed the SAMJ letter, a few have left the department of hospital service and others are on leave.

The patient who went home (at least he had a bed there)

... and other tales of overcrowding at black hospitals.

Spot the ‘unacceptable’ page

A Botha letter of warning arrives for Weekly Mail.

Sisulu case: NECC ‘used’ children’s gripes – judge

Justice Harms said the official reasons provided for Zwelakhe Sisulu's 11-month detention were his alleged involvement in the executive of the NECC.

Sisulu’s journalism reason for his detention, says state

In each case the state cited journalistic activities as the reason for the detentions.

The six prisoners who were released

Lawyers and friends of the freed men ... said news of their release had come as a surprise.

No UK dispute, says Kagiso

The Kagiso Trust announced it was pulling out of the agreement because of ''undue political pressure''.

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