John Crace

José Mourinho, the ‘Special One’

Sunday's game against Manchester City was yet another sign the "Special One" was less special than his reflection indicated.

Bank of England’s Carney chill calms treasury

Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England up before the Treasury select committee was as intensely relaxed as ever.

Jaden reveals Will Smith’s TED Talks obsession

During a father-and-son interview with Will and Jaden Smith, Smith junior has revealed that Will watched hours and hours of the talks online.

Mike Tyson: The cat among the pigeons

Baddest of the bad boys Mike Tyson does not do small talk -- unless it is all about him, of course. <b>John Crace</b> caught up with him.

Online help for depressives

A new website enables the mentally unwell to form virtual support groups.

Budget airlines not so cheap after all

It costs £40 for a flight from London to Malaga. Add a £15 administration fee, £15 for luggage and £5 for paying by debit card.

Depression in teenagers brings on the worst of times

Thousands of under-16s are on antidepressants in the UK and mental health problems in the young are on the rise.

Jeffrey Archer rewrites himself

Publishing-wise, Jeffrey Archer might just be on to something with his re-writing plans. After all, how many books couldn't benefit from an edit?

The teen bloggers who took over the internet

Some of the web's most influential voices now belong to bloggers as young as 13.

Twitterati clinch publishing deal

There's no stopping the twitterati. Two University of Chicago undergraduates have landed a publishing deal to twitter the classics of literature.

‘Hitler didn’t Twitter’

Does the election of two British National Party members to the European Parliament signal the renewed rise of fascism?

Essential Updike

John Updike was among the most acute observers of American life and one of the most prolific. So where should a new reader begin? John Crace reports.

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