Jonathan Jones

Prado online: The joy is in the detail

However amazing it may be to view the Prado on Google Earth, many of its facets may not be rendered digitally.

Out of the gallery, art in Africa

If admiring art were enough to change the world, Africa would have got justice long ago, says Jonathan Jones. He decided to go in search of the art that doesn't get into galleries, but has real function in the lives of ordinary Africans.

Restoring Michelangelo’s David – or not

Having withstood centuries of outdoor exposure, David must now endure exposure of a different sort that could lead to his tragic demise, writes Jonathan Jones in London.

Not even a gifted amateur

Jonathan Jones assesses the creative talents of Saif al-Islam Gadaffi.

Children of the revolution

Iranian films seem to be about childhood innocence, but they're really a critical look at adult mores argues Jonathan Jones.

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