Jonathan Jones

Tate Modern opens doors to African visionaries

Exhibitions of works by artists from Sudan and Benin have reflected a step change towards Tate's more globalised view of modern art.

Artistically left: Obama’s art army

The giants of US art are backing Barack Obama for president. But then, writes Jonathan Jones, America's artists have always leaned left.

Urinating troops ‘democratise’ evil of war

Afghan incident shows it is no longer surprising that violence and cruelty are self-documented, writes Jonathan Jones.

Tintin: and now back to our intrepid reporter

One of the best things about the film <em>Tintin</em> is the return of the intrepid reporter.

The feast that is Florence

The art in this beautiful city evokes a world of decadence and indulgence. And so does the cuisine.

More than skin deep

Tattoos have gone mainstream. But are they art?

What Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s bad art says about him

In some cases the readiness to inflict one's dearth of artistic talent on a helpless world may be a sign of far worse things to come.

Syria’s angel of death gives insight into terror

The footage showing a lone gunman shooting randomly before turning his fire on the cameraman is too raw not to be real.

Right royal pomp and spectacle

London has prepared for a wedding as if for a funeral, at least if you visit Regent Street.

Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ is the original shock art

Christian protesters who attacked the work have risen to the artist's bait and misunderstood his sincerity.

Ai Weiwei: The artist as political hero

Ai Weiwei, detained by the Chinese authorities and unreachable since April 3, has joined a select band of artists who have risked everything.

Spurt of creative sleaze

Gilbert and George, the collaborative couple who began their common life as artists more than 40 years ago, have always been fascinated by symbols.

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