Jonathan Jones

Sleeping in Van Gogh’s bed

The Art Institute of Chicago and Airbnb to enable guests to stay in its latest installation, a recreation of Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles painting

No sex in this city: the bare-faced cheek of Paris’s most sensual museum

The MusÈe d'Orsay called in police on a nude performance artist in an act of prudery more worthy of Victorian England than Edouard Manet's France.

Should artworks with offensive names get an update?

The Rijksmuseum is being criticised for removing racist words like 'negro' from the titles of its paintings.

Handshake won’t end Syria’s woes

Obama and Putin's frosty meeting at the United Nations this week gives little hope of an end to the brutal conflict.

Dismaland: Banksy creates something truly depressing

The artist's Bemusement Park claims to be making you think, but as an actual experience it is thin, threadbare and, to be honest, quite boring.

Vatican app feeds art restoration frenzy

The Vatican Museums application hopes to create a community of philanthropic supporters through its crowdfunding venture.

Visceral thrill as man beats Jaws

The spectacle of a Spielbergian scenario with a hero and happy ending delighted TV viewers.

Danaë – a goddess gets her due, at last

When a painter is called upon to twist a tryst ‘twixt cardinal and mistress into art, comic erotica ensues.

West goes East and boobs

A false rumour about the new owner of a Picasso painting leads Christianity to go haywire.

Royal photo puts race and power in focus

Prince Harry’s image of a Lesotho herdsman is as arrogant as any colonial-era portrait, writes Jonathan Jones.

A costly return to curiosity’s old stamping ground

If compared by size, an 1856 stamp that is to be sold at a New York auction is more valuable than any art ever under the hammer.

The 11 most extreme pieces of performance art

Russia's Pyotr Pavlensky's nailing of his scrotum to Red Square isn't as unique as you might think: some have done much more in the name of art.

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