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Under-fire Nato pledges to protect Libya civilians

Nato, accused of mission failure by Libya's rebels, vowed on Wednesday to do all to protect civilians in Misrata.

Libya rebels say no to transition under Gaddafi son

Libyan rebels insisted on Monday that the whole Gaddafi family must leave before there can be any truce with regime forces.

Police deploy in Jerusalem as tensions simmer

Israeli police deployed in force throughout Jerusalem on Tuesday ahead of a mass annual march, as tensions simmered in the Holy City.

Netanyahu takes helm of hawkish new Israeli govt

Benjamin Netanyahu began his second term as Israeli prime minister on Wednesday at the helm of a right-wing government.

Hamas rule could hinder efforts to rebuild Gaza

The war in Gaza may have ended but the territory remains under Hamas rule and Israeli sanctions, which could hinder efforts to rebuild the enclave.

Gazans savour peace as truce enters second day

Gaza residents savoured a weekend of calm after months of bloodshed in the Palestinian enclave as a tenuous truce with Israel entered its second day.

Gaza endures fourth day of Israeli blockade

Gaza endured a fourth day of hardship on Monday as Israel vowed to maintain a punishing blockade in response to rocket fire from the Hamas-run territory, despite increasing international concern over a developing humanitarian crisis. The European Union slammed what it termed the ''collective punishment'' of impoverished Gaza's 1,5-million residents.

Sick Gazans cry out for treatment on Israel’s doorstep

Mustafa Hillu writhes underneath blankets, the pain pulsing outward from the cancer in his right leg, and he cries out for someone to persuade Israel to let him in for treatment. If the 36-year-old father of five is not granted entry soon doctors will have to amputate his leg at the groin to prevent the cancer in his femur from spreading, according to his family and an Israeli rights group.

In a remote Iraqi village, a world ends and war begins

The green dump truck stood out against the brown mud-brick homes and shops in the bustling market, and then in a flash everything was dust and blood and thunder. The Iraq war had just blown into one of the poorest and most isolated parts of the country, and nothing would ever be the same again.

Bloodiest month for US in Iraq in more than two years

Two more United States soldiers have been killed in Iraq, the military announced on Thursday, confirming that May had become the deadliest month for American forces in two-and-a-half years. Meanwhile, the hunt was continuing for five Britons who were snatched at gunpoint from a Finance Ministry building in the capital earlier this week.

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