Juliette Garside

(Ex) Facebook users in search of new social networks

Facebook has lost millions of users, independent data suggests, as alternative social networks focus on those looking for new online playgrounds.

China’s Huawei reveals ‘world’s fastest smartphone’

Chinese telecoms equipment group Huawei has presented a device it claims can download high definition films in minutes and songs in seconds.

Tax concerns smother Amazon’s festive joy

Record Christmas takings have swollen Amazon's cash pile to as much as $9-billion, the online retailer is expected to declare.

Apple efforts fail to fix Foxconn

Abuses continue at Foxconn despite warnings from Apple, a rights group says, with staff enduring gruelling workloads and humiliating punishments.

Buffy the empire slayer? Facebook takes on Google, Apple

Facebook is preparing to take on Google and Apple's domination of the smartphone market by creating its own handset, codenamed Buffy.

Samsung shows the confidence of leading phone maker

With recent results suggesting that it has outsold Nokia, the Korean manufacturer is dominating a difficult market.

PayPal pooh-poohs Google’s credit card replacement

Internet bank PayPal says Google's mobile wallet payment system could be obsolete before it even comes to market.

A public Facebook

The site is expected to sell a 10% stake for as much as $10-billion but there are doubts about its value.

Markets agog: Will Facebook’s debut outshine Google?

The world's leading social site is expected to sell off a 10% stake for up to $10-billion -- implying an overall value of $100-billion.

Taste for Apple sours BlackBerry

Service outages and failure to keep up with the iPhone mean BlackBerry's popularity is waning and its creators have paid the price.

Smartphone captures camera’s decline

Not long ago, life's precious moments were captured by someone who had the foresight to carry a camera.

Google and Apple to go head to head over ‘smart’ TVs

LG and Samsung to join Sony and Vizio in producing Android sets, while Apple is expected to launch iTV later this year.

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