Justice Malala

We put Jacob the Deceiver in command

If we allow thief-in-charge Jacob Zuma to get away, one day we'll discover our country has been stolen, writes Justice Malala.

Justice Malala: How Motlanthe lost Mangaung

Zuma's victory is not just about what he did. It is also about what Motlanthe and his ineffectual band of supporters did not do, says Justice Malala.

Justice Malala: Zuma delivers a good song and nothing more

Stripped of his Madiba-inspired song and dance, Jacob Zuma's political report was filled with petty deflections and omissions, argues Justice Malala.

Is Julius Malema South Africa’s president in waiting?

The "buffoon" of South African politics has been named as one of Africa's 10 most powerful young men by international business magazine <i>Forbes</i>.

Everywhere in my life

It is the small things that get you. Like, Nathaniel's wife is six months pregnant. He is a young man who, anywhere else in the world, would be making his way up the corporate ladder. She is somewhere in the deep dark depths of Mutare, Zimbabwe. He is working as a gardener in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. He cannot go home.

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