Karim Talbi

Gaddafi announces ‘decisive battle’

Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi said his forces would fight a "decisive battle" on Thursday.

Gaddafi forces in new attacks as major powers hold talks

Forces loyal to Libya's Muammar Gaddafi attacked a rebel-held town on Monday, as the major powers remained split on measures to ground his warplanes.

Gaddafi forces launch new attacks, talks continue

Forces loyal to Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi on Monday launched attacks on a key town.

Russia warns against Iran war

Russia expressed worry on Tuesday over the possibility of war with Iran as French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner pressed for tougher sanctions against the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov emphasised Russia's "concern" over "multiple reports that military action against Iran is being seriously considered.

World media chiefs blast Putin on press freedom

Global media chiefs launched a scathing attack on Monday on Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying the Kremlin's tight grip on media flew in the face of Russia's professed attachment to democracy and voicing deep scepticism of any ''real willingness'' to allow a free press.

Fog of war envelops Russian city

They advance slowly and carefully, hugging close to the wall of a souvenir store, communicating with hand signals in a town shrouded in heavy morning fog. Without warning, the tense quiet is shattered as the special forces unit, backed by an armoured vehicle nearby, opens fire on the store with grenades and automatic weapons.

Former Beslan hostage starts new school year

Malik has the nonchalant manner of any 14-year-old when he says ''I don't know'' or snaps at his little sister, Fatima. But his green eyes are ''those of a 40-year-old man'', his mother says, even a year after he survived the Beslan school hostage massacre. Sitting on a bench outside his family's home, Malik Kolchakeyev already knows what questions are coming.

Anger mounts in hostage crisis

Hundreds of relatives of the Russian school hostages were on Thursday gathered outside the school in the town of Beslan. The armed captors who stormed the school on Wednesday released 26 women and children on Thursday, but hundreds of others are still being held. And anger is mounting among the relatives.

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