Kathija Yassim

Healing circles can help learners deal with trauma

Recent crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic have exacerbated life’s struggles and losses have overwhelmed many children.

Building bridges across the unequal education divide

Sharing resources can ensure no child will be left behind

Testing the ‘glass cliff’ theory at school

Some think that putting women in sticky situations when they reach the top is setting them up for failure, but the opposite could be true

‘Maslow before Bloom’ for teachers and their learners

Teachers at the University of Johannesburg Metropolitan Academy found a different, warmer way of catching up on learning losses caused by Covid

An experiment in what school could be

Two Limpopo principals will be helping to create radically reimagined communities of learning: schools as living systems

Theory of constraints brings benefits

The pandemic inspired 10 principals in Limpopo to study through ‘play’ how to learn to learn again — and what is really important in education

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