Keith Stuart
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/ 14 July 2007

Preserving old games is a service to humanity

Last week, Microsoft announced a joint initiative with the British National Archives. There is concern that billions of public documents will soon be obsolete. Microsoft has stepped in to offer its "software virtualisation" solution, Virtual PC 2007, as well as a bunch of old operating systems. Isn’t it about time we had a similar endeavour for video games?

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/ 18 May 2007

Coming to the small screen: In-game advertising

On May 12, the <i>Guardian</i> reported on Google’s plans to psychologically profile online gamers and then hawk the information to advertisers. The company has filed patents for a technology that analyses the tactics we use in games like <i>World of Warcraft</i> and <i>Quake</i>, so that in-game ads can be individually doctored to the player.

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/ 22 February 2007

New tech industry with old tech habits

A games drought is coming. Xbox 360 owners in the United Kingdom will get <i>Crackdown</i> this week then nothing much until the likes of <i>Mass Effect</i>, <i>Bioshock</i> and, of course, <i>Halo 3</i>. Wii fans have <i>Mario</i> and <i>Metroid</i> titles to look forward to in the distant future.