Lerato Mogoatlhe

Edutaining colouring book celebrates African attire

Nigerian artist Uzoma Dunkwu has created a platform for children to celebrate, speak about and show the continent’s diverse cultures

Harar: Here, passion runs high

In contrast with the rest of Ethiopia, generosity thrives in Harar - along with some wonderfully peculiar traditions.

Burundi: Beauty, beaches and beer

Burundi may not be the go-to capital of East Africa, but it is cheap and cheerful, and tourists are starting to cotton on.

Gastronomic heaven

A simple Malian dish will have your guests squealing with delight.

Africa on an attitude a day

There are ways of arriving in a new country. You must know exactly where you are going and have your first few nights' accommodation booked.

A home away from home

You're watching the sun set from the huge veranda of a house on the Caribbean island of Nevis. It's a large, cool and airy home, full of old colonial furniture. There are limes, grapefruits and coconuts to pick in the garden. Beautiful, isolated beaches are just a few steps away. And the best bit? It's free. As long as you don't mind the owners taking a holiday in your home at the same time.

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