Lisa Leff

Gore vindicated by Nobel victory

For years, former United States vice-president Al Gore and a host of climate scientists were belittled and, worst of all, ignored for their message about how dire global warming is. On Friday, they were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their warnings about what Gore calls ''a planetary emergency''.

Pulitzer-winning writer dies in car crash

David Halberstam, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author who chronicled the Washington press corps, the Vietnam War generation and baseball, was killed in a car crash, a coroner said. He was 73. His wife, Jean Halberstam, said she will remember him most for his "unending, bottomless generosity to young journalists".

Amateur explorers stalk extreme trees

Equipped with a laser range finder, a head for numbers and an explorer's zeal, Michael Taylor has made a sport of finding and sizing up the tallest species on the planet -- California's ancient coast redwoods. ''It's a frontier, one of the last frontiers,'' says Taylor, greeting individual trees like old friends as he scouts a sheltered creek bed.

Pink wedding bells chime in San Francisco

Gay and lesbian couples from across the United States answered the city of San Francisco's Valentine's Day invitation to wed in an unprecedented spree of same-sex marriages that has challenged California law and sent conservative groups scrambling for court intervention.

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