Seth Borenstein

No easy answer to why Toyota accelerators stick

The basic idea behind pressing the accelerator on a car has been pretty straightforward. What's going wrong with some Toyotas isn't simple.

Astronomers bet on finding Earth-like planets soon

Astronomers say they are on the verge of finding planets like Earth orbiting other stars, a key step in determining if we are alone in the universe.

Astronauts relish space station’s international food court

When it comes to grabbing a bite to eat, the International Space Station is living up to its first name.

Gore vindicated by Nobel victory

For years, former United States vice-president Al Gore and a host of climate scientists were belittled and, worst of all, ignored for their message about how dire global warming is. On Friday, they were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their warnings about what Gore calls ''a planetary emergency''.

‘Debate about global warming is now over’

Forty-five nations joined France in calling for a new environmental body to slow global warming and protect the planet, a body that potentially could have policing powers to punish violators. Absent were the world's heavyweight polluter, the United States, and booming nations on the same path as the US, China and India.

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