Lisa Thompson

Final rubber stamp for the Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone travesty

It is unconscionable in terms of climate change that the zone is going ahead with a coal plant at its epicentre.

MMSEZ authorities dodge every question about livelihoods threats, climate change, water scarcity and more

MMSEZ chief executive Lehlogonolo Masoga, the Limpopo Economic Development Agency and the consulting agency Enviroxcellence failed to address the concerns of people living in the Vhembe biosphere

Geostrategic fault lines show up at the annual Brics summit

While the summit leaders solemnly swear that they are singing off the same struggle song sheet towards progressive development, the bloc’s leaders’ solidarity is mostly skin-deep

Out of the arson and looting come glimmers of light

Civilians working together signals the possible germination of a deeply embedded democratic culture where ethnicity no longer divides

Musina-Makhado metallurgical zone revision a back-peddle or a back door?

The environmental and social impact of the special economic zone has been reduced, but Chinese investment and loans haven’t been disclosed, job creation is uncertain, and water use and toxic waste remain troubling

Public participation is a farce in Musina-Makhado project

Information is not getting to the right people or places as voices of discontent are getting louder

State pushes ahead with its toxic zone

The controversial Musina-Makhando initiative will pollute air and water, push climate change and produce dangerous quantities of hazardous waste

Muddying the waters in the Musina Makhado economic zone

The public participation process on the environmental impact assessment for the area’s special economic zone has been shambolic

Cyril’s industrial reboot will not drive economy to success

The president disclosed a development U-turn but the Special Economic Zones and China’s carbon intensive interests are likely to prevail

The fable of SA’s special economic zones

The country is being pushed to develop more SEZs. But is this a viable strategy, given unemployment and ‘deglobalisation’?

Are Brics civil society talkshops just ticking boxes and not making real ‘jam’?

Activists and social movements feel left out in the cold by a process that doesn’t take them seriously

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