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UN security council needs A3’s leadership on African crises

International intervention needed in Tigray region of Ethiopia and Anglophone areas of Cameroon

Palestine joins the ICC

The United Nations has confirmed that Palestine will be a member of the International Criminal Court from April 1, heightening tensions with Israel.

Russia threatened states ahead of vote on Ukraine

Russia threatened several states with retaliation if they voted in favour of a resolution declaring Crimea's secession vote from the Ukraine invalid.

Envoys seek UN resolution on Syria amid squabbling

The US, UK and France want UN-sanctioned use of force should Syria fail to allow destruction of its chemical weapons, but Russia disagrees.

Peacekeepers stay put in Western Sahara amid disappointment

The UN Security Council has reached a deal on a draft resolution to renew the mandate of peacekeepers in the disputed territory of Western Sahara.

Calls for swift deployment of Syria observers

Kofi Annan's deputy has told the Security Council that the swift deployment of observers to Syria is needed despite risks and persistent violence.

Concerns grow as Argentina flirts with Iran

Argentina is quietly reaching out to Iran, worrying key Western powers and Israel as they try to tighten Tehran's isolation over its nuclear program.

US, Palestinians race for votes at UN council

The Palestinians' initiative to seek UN recognition as a state faces an uphill struggle to secure the nine votes needed for approval.

North Korea, Iran trade missile technology

North Korea and Iran appear to have been regularly exchanging ballistic missile technology in violation of United Nations sanctions.

UN probes Zimbabwe arms sent to Côte d’Ivoire

The United Nations is investigating suspected arms transfers from Zimbabwe to Côte d'Ivoire's incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo.

UN imposes sanctions on Gadaffi

The UN Security Council unanimously imposed travel and asset sanctions on Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi and close aides.

US vetoes UN draft condemning Israeli settlements

The United States on Friday vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.

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