Alissa De Carbonnel

Putin: Military force in Ukraine will be last resort

President Vladimir Putin says Russia has reserved the right to use all options in Ukraine, but that Moscow would use force only as a last resort.

Ukraine prepares for war after Putin’s ‘declaration’

Arseny Yatseniuk says the announcement to invade Ukraine made by Russia's Vladimir Putin was not a threat, but "the declaration of war to my country".

Russia wrests control of Ukraine’s Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin has cited a threat to Russian citizens and servicemen at its Black Sea fleet as a need to send in armed forces.

Sochi Olympics kick off with a glitch before fairy tale show

One Olympic ring failed to unfurl but President Vladmir Putin nonetheless declared Russia's Winter Games open under a burst of fireworks.

Suicide bomber kills at least 13 at Russian train station

President Vladimir Putin has ordered tighter security from law enforcement agencies after a second bomb exploded in the country in just three days.

Envoys seek UN resolution on Syria amid squabbling

The US, UK and France want UN-sanctioned use of force should Syria fail to allow destruction of its chemical weapons, but Russia disagrees.

Russia, France at loggerheads over Syria report

Despite France's sentiments, Russia's foreign minister has said there was no proof that Bashar al-Assad's troops carried out the attack on Damascus.

Fugitive Snowden slips out of Moscow airport for ‘secure’ base

Fugitive former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden slipped out of Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport after Russia granted him temporary asylum.

Scientists discover ‘new life’ forms below Antarctic ice

Russia's scientists believe they have discovered new life forms sealed off for millions of years in a subglacial lake deep under the Antarctic ice.

Putin signs ban on US adoptions of Russian children

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that bans Americans from adopting Russian children and imposed other sanctions in retaliation.

Russia’s Pussy Riot: Unmasked and on trial

Yekaterina Samutsevich, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, exposed as the women behind Pussy Riot, are on trial for hooliganism in Russia.

Jailed tycoon claims Pussy Riot trial torture

Russia's most famous prisoner has likened the Pussy Riot trial to a medieval inquisition and says their prison regime may amount to torture.

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