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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood rejects transition timetable

The Muslim Brotherhood has rejected a plan announced by the military-backed interim leadership that sets a fast track for amending the constitution.

Clashes leave 54 dead, plunging Egypt deeper into crisis

Egyptian forces have clashed with protesters in bloodshed that left 51 protesters and three members of the security forces dead, say officials.

Troops beef up security as Egypt mobilises for more protests

Egypt's new leadership has wrangled over the naming of a prime minister, as both the Muslim Brotherhood and their opponents call for new mass rallies.

Contentious law bans Gaddafi-era officials from Libya govt

A new law that excludes former officials of the Gaddafi era from public office is dividing Libya and deepening the turmoil plaguing the country.

Egypt’s Morsi wants Parliament elections in April

Egypt's president has called parliamentary elections for April in an effort to assuage mounting frustration over continued turmoil on the streets.

Second day of voting in Egypt to pick Mubarak successor

Egyptians voted for a second day in a presidential runoff pitting Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister against a conservative Islamist.

Petrol shortage in Egypt sets tempers off

Egyptians have been hit by an increasingly acute petrol shortage, which the government has blamed on black market sales of fuel.

Militias continue stronghold a year after Libyan uprising

A year after Libya's uprising against Muammar Gaddafi, its militias continue to hold influence with corruption, violence and anarchy.

Libya takes next step towards drafting new constitution

Libya's National Transitional Council has proposed a draft law for electing an assembly to draft the country's new constitution.

Egypt’s activists fear wider crackdown

Rights groups have denounced the startling show of force in the raids on 10 organisations and accused Egypt's generals of trying to silence critics.

Fear and loathing in Libya

Rebel sympathisers, driven underground in Tripoli, have resorted to furtive protests such as writing "No" next to pro-government graffiti.

Libya govt says rebels’ victory claims ‘wishful reporting’

From the east and west, working with Nato air strikes, resurgent rebels have battled Libyan government forces at flashpoints along the Mediterranean.

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