Malesela Maubane

‘Corrupt officials must pay back the money’ – Tlou Cholo

The freedom struggle and labour veteran says the law is soft on criminals and perpetrators must be punished

Workers’ Day marks huge job losses around the world, exacerbated by the pandemic

The activism of people such as Tlou Theophilus Cholo laid the foundation for improve work conditions in South Africa

Institutions of higher learning should commemorate their casualties

The bust of Matikweni Nkuna at Tshwane University of Technology is an example of how we should honour those who fought for equal access to education

The case for alumni funding

Alumni can play a pivotal role in their alma mater’s long-term success and sustainability

Electoral reform: It’s now or never

The pandemic taught us a new normal. It’s time to apply some of the learnings to our electoral system, which is overdue for an overhaul

Effective communication from leadership is essential during a crisis

So far, the minister of health can be commended on his visible, open approach to keeping in touch with citizens during the pandemic

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