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Marcia Dunn

SpaceX Dragon flies by space station

The world's first private supply ship orbited the International Space Station on Thursday, acing a critical test in advance of the actual docking.

Scientists come across monstrous black holes

A team of astronomers have found the biggest black holes known to exist 300-million light years away -- each one 10-billion times the size of our sun.

Nasa goes green with solar-powered Jupiter probe

Nasa's upcoming mission to Jupiter can't get much greener than this: a solar-powered, windmill-shaped spacecraft called Juno.

Astronauts return from space to sushi overload

Koichi Wakata was still getting used to gravity, though it wasn't going to stop him from diving into a deluge of sushi.

Astronauts open up billion-dollar space lab

Astronauts opened up Japan's new billion-dollar space-station lab on Thursday, then got ready for another spacewalk.

Discovery’s foam loss possibly caused by workers

Workers may have accidentally cut or crushed the section of foam that broke off Discovery's fuel tank during its launch two months ago -- a mishap that threatened the safety of the astronauts and grounded the shuttle fleet. That is the leading theory for the cause behind the disturbing loss of foam insulation that cast a cloud over Nasa's return to space, said Wayne Hale, the new manager of the space shuttle programme.

Nasa plans to crash into comet

For the first time in history, Nasa is setting off on a collision course with a comet, in hopes of blasting a huge hole in the celestial snowball and gazing upon the original ingredients of the solar system preserved inside. It all begins with a planned Wednesday launch of Deep Impact, a copper-fortified, comet-busting spacecraft.

Up and away to the planet of extremes

Nasa launched a messenger to Mercury on Tuesday, the first spacecraft in 30 years to head to the sun's closest planet. The probe, named Messenger, rocketed away in the pre-dawn moonlight on what will be a eight billion kilometre, six-and-a-half-year journey to Mercury. Messenger will view Mercury from all sides.

Spacemen ‘fortunate’ with off-target landing

It could have been a lot worse for the two Americans and one Russian whose landing ended up nearly 500 kilometres off course and their recovery hours late.

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