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South Africa Aids gains in danger as it grapples with Covid-19

Sex education will help prevent new HIV infections, expert says

Covid-19 hospital admissions on the rise in Gauteng as fourth wave looms

Most of the admissions are of unvaccinated and younger people, but there are fears of a spread to older people

Eye health initiative helps 1.7-million South Africans

OneSight is fulfilling the UN goal to accelerate eye health to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Shabir Madhi: SA scientists were responsible when announcing Omicron

But the virologist urges caution before scientists make blanket public announcements that can lead to ‘hasty’ international decisions

The Covid-19 Omicron variant: What is known so far

As scientists scramble to learn more about it, infectious disease expert Professor Salim Abdool Karim says current vaccines are effective against the new variant

Mandatory vaccination on cards as Ramaphosa keeps South Africa on level one lockdown

Ramaphosa calls out world leaders for irrational travel bans as scientists gather evidence on new Omicron variant

South Africa says UK red list travel decision on new Covid variant is premature

The department of international relations and cooperation says the travel ban on Southern African countries seems to be rushed

Covid-19 booster shot possibly on cards for South Africans

The country’s health products regulator has received an application from vaccine manufacturer Pfizer for third-dose approval

Ropeless fishing reduces whale entanglements, UCT study finds

Bryde’s whales are particularly vulnerable to entanglements in trap fishing ropes because of their ability to dive deep and fast to catch their food, but a new technology could keep them safe

New app detects illegal ploughing of endangered renosterveld

If habitat loss is detected, this information is immediately passed on to law enforcement for further investigation

More malaria vaccines in the pipeline

Researchers are calling for more partnerships and funding for malaria programmes, while 2.3-million children in three African countries have already received a jab

Covid-19 fourth wave likely to be less severe, but caution still advised

Current models suggest the fourth wave will have fewer hospital admissions

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