Marina Hyde

Chelsea a banter-free zone? Seriously, José, you’re having a laugh

Mourinho fails to see the funny side of Chelsea's early-season flop and seems to think training-ground high jinks are to blame, not bad defending.

Pistorius trial: There’s a hole in your bucket habit

Vomiting has played a role in past judgments but the jury is literally out on this one.

Don’t blame Bieber, kids have always idolised idiots

The silly child star from smalltown Ontario has no more responsibility to behave with decorum than anyone else.

Sepp’s World Cup plan takes a dive

The football boss's World Cup strategy backfires as Brazil caves in to protests over spending.

Justin Bieber didn’t start the Great Teen Tweet Wars – ask Vera Lynn

Belieber death threats are not a sign of end times. Crazed fans were ever thus – it's just easier to be in touch these days.

Fergie and José: With friends like these …

Is there a more hilariously unconvincing friendship in public life than that fabled one between Sir Alex Ferguson and José Mourinho?

Lethal weapon

On screen Gibson is a successful anti-hero, but off screen he's just antisocial. <b>Marina Hyde</b> reports.

In this age of terror, the Cold War seems comforting

The news of the inept Russian spy ring is a reminder of what a decent sort of enemy we used to have to deal with.

‘Happiness for our Dear Leader’

The emissaries of the Dear Leader to World Cup 2010 sat grim-faced through a meeting with the capitalist media, writes <b>Marina Hyde</b>. .

Facing justice, Fifa style

Johannesburg magistrate's court recalls Bismarck's observation that those who love sausages and believe in justice should never see either being made.

Conspiracy of the cloth

<i>Marina Hyde</i> takes issue with Pope Benedict's version of the priestly paedophilia scandal.

Going, going, gong

Diva presenters, bad dance, graceless hosts ... Marina Hyde rates some of the performances at this year's Oscars.

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