Mark Paterson

‘White fragility’ is damaging SA universities

Academics at a recent meeting called for white liberals to acknowledge they ‘are the problem’

Academics bemoan ‘toxic’ politics

Senior university managers say political parties should be banned from campuses, citing a climate of fear

Shaping cities goes beyond student beds

Sustainable urban development requires the collaboration of municipalities and the universities to advance social integration

SADC trade deal with EU criticised for not promoting regional economic development

Supporters of the pact say its programmes provide assistance that facilitate trade

No tidy truths in the post-colony

Recent debate exposes both student activists’ and academics’ blind spots on decolonisation

​SADC must be more open about region-building

The bloc needs to adopt a more genuinely democratic approach to spreading the word about its work to win broader popular support

Why mere knowledge transfer fails

States and academics must collaborate or risk foreign experts taking over policy making

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