Leslie Bank

Public must develop safe death rites

Experience in Brazil, West and South Africa show how ‘people’s science’ can manage deadly illnesses

Rural retreat: Allowing people to return home during lockdown could turn a tide

It is important to note that the phenomena of translocality and circular migration in Africa have often served as a strategy of resilience in tough times

Patriarchy, migration fuel Afrophobia

City streets are ‘washed’ to cleanse them of work competitors and for moral, cultural and social restoration

Shaping cities goes beyond student beds

Sustainable urban development requires the collaboration of municipalities and the universities to advance social integration

Open varsity gates to the commons

These institutions needn’t be discrete spaces and can be used to change the urban environment

​Land reform: A broken ladder

The government's land reform programme appears to be failing to promote the widespread productive use of land to provide household food security

University of Fort Hare at an academic crossroads

The failure of the ANC to rebuild the legendary university after 1994 has had serious results.

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