Mark Tran

Leadership was on the cards for Justin Trudeau from day one

Born and bred in a political family, the new Canadian prime minister initially shunned the trade.

Aylan Kurdi: Funeral held for Syrian boy who drowned

Aylan’s father, Abdullah, said he hoped the death of his family would encourage Arab states to help Syrian refugees.

Oliver Sacks, neurologist and Awakenings author, dies

Sacks, who also wrote The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat, revealed in February that he was in the late stages of terminal cancer.

Not even WWIII could stop surge in population

Rather than limiting population, reducing the consumption of natural resources would have a better chance of achieving effective sustainability gains.

Israel’s ironclad protection against Hamas missiles

Israel's Iron Dome air defence system is designed to intercept rockets fired by Hamas from up to 69km away in Gaza.

Isis insurgents attack Iraq’s biggest oil refinery

Islamist militants have launched an assault in Baiji as Iran raises the prospect of military intervention in the embattled state.

Syrian deluge hits Jordan’s schools

Institutions are doubling shifts and staff, but they are finding it difficult to cope with the demand.

Jordanians’ hospitality is wearing thin

The burden of supporting 500 000 refugees from Syria is stretching resources to the limit, writes Mark Tran in Zaatari.

DRC priest calls for action on Kony

The Catholic activist has warned the world not to sweep the leader of the LRA under the carpet.

Children are becoming the pawns of war

Increasingly they are being targeted - and the automation of weapons will make it even worse.

Globalisation exacerbates plight of poor, research finds

The wellbeing of many poor people has deteriorated in the past 15 years.

Has Yoweri Museveni outstayed his welcome as Uganda’s president?

With corruption rife and autocracy starting to rear its head, many Ugandans want Yoweri Museveni to call time on his 27-year tenure.

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