Martin Chulov

Dawn of new uncertainty

US combat troop withdrawal from Iraq is billed 'mission accomplished' but we've heard it before.

Withdrawal leaves Iraqis insecure

The announcement came amid growing concern that the withdrawal will bring a further deterioration in Iraq's security.

Al-Qaeda plots a comeback

The militant Islamic group is enticing disaffected US-allied Iraqis to defect by offering them more attractive salaries.

End of the dumb war

As half the US troops in Iraq prepare to leave, the generals vow not to repeat mistakes of first Gulf War. Martin Chulov reports.

Iraq reclaims history

The reopening of the National Museum has sparked a new cultural awareness, writes Martin Chulov.

Iraqis tap into Obama mania

Persecuted black minority hopes for a breakthrough in elections, writes Martin Chulov.

Raid uncovers al-Qaeda network of child bombers

A computer memory stick has revealed a blueprint for the training and recruitment of child suicide.

‘It’s OK to use women’ for suicide bombings

Trend towards increased stability in Iraq is rocked by women attackers in Diyala province. Martin Chulov in Baghdad reports.

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