Matthew du Plessis

Eish, robot: The road to mecha

Lately our worst AI dreams have entered a realm much closer to home

Space beanstalk set to doom Earth

A cheap elevator into orbit could be a stairway to heaven — but it’s probably a highway to hell

From bored to board

Could the vagaries of politics be behind the resurgence of board games?

English has stolen from too many cultures to count

It has become the nation’s cultural polyfiller. The second choice of millions of South Africans. English is the language of compromise.

Fame, glory and the naked mole rat

Locnville and naked mole rats should have as little in common as possible, writes Matthew Du Plessis.

Exit the dragon

The near-complete absence of dragonism on this great continent of ours has been puzzling you too, no doubt.

Toilet trouble leaves Rammulotsi on the edge of its seat

A week before the elections, the toilet scandal gripping SA has thrust a small town into the national spotlight, leaving residents flustered and wary.

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