Mazibuko Jara

Black-centred egalitarian liberalism cannot ignore capitalism

Leaving aside the schoolroom-debate gymnastics that radical liberal Eusebius McKaiser is wont to use, the core issue in the debate is what he avoids.

United Front? ‘alive, well and united’

The nonparty-political movement is on track and has achieved a lot.

New times require new democratic left

Dire consequences unless a people-centred, ecologically sensitive new world order takes shape.

The trouble with JZ

According to the South African Communist Party and the Congress of South African Trade Unions, Jacob Zuma (JZ) is subject to a political agenda that seeks to marginalise left and working-class forces to promote the interests of a small elite capitalist faction within the African National Congress.

Withdrawing into trenches hinders progress

So what is ultra-leftism? The label has been used without pausing to provide a serious analysis or substantive definition of social movements and ''ultra-leftism''. Ultra-leftism tends not to understand the struggle as process. Everything is immediate, all-or-nothing, victory or sell-out

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