Vishwas Satgar

Light a fire under SA’s climate policy

State inaction over global warming is increasing inequality in the country

Food sovereignty the viable alternative to ANC, EFF land solutions

Among the issues are the need to ensure food security in the future and whether expropriation of without compensation can happen through just the law

SA must resist another captured president: This time by the markets

Jacob Zuma was removed by the people's effect, which connected the dots of corruption, a mismanaged state and rapacious capitalism.

Zuma’s Cabinet reshuffle inaugurates South Africa’s Zimbabwe moment

An entrenched private sector and an active civil society are unlikely to yield to a kleptocracy.

​The EFF’s wrecking ball politics is fascist rather than left

People must choose: solve problems through democratic dialogue or intolerant violence, writes Vishwas Satgar.

#FeesMustFall: The poster child for new forms of struggle in South Africa?

#FeesMustFall represents a new populist crowd politics. It brings forth strengths but also weaknesses.

​Students, protest in a way that doesn’t endanger your or your university’s future

Faced with failing economies and climate change, free education fights need better solutions than shutdowns and technocratic responses.

It’s up to us to make sure Zuma goes

The campaign for the president to go sends a message that no one is above the Constitution.

What #ZumaMustFall and #FeesMustFall have in common

The rage of both campaigns has its roots in opposition to Zuma's surrender of national sovereignty through globalising South African capitalism.

Break the food chain to build our humanity

For society's sake, we can't ignore food crises, politics and greedy white-controlled corporates.

The climate is ripe for social change

Forget the UN, social justice movements offer the only viable solution to global warming.

‘Numsa moment’ leads left renewal

Socialist symposium has given the union enough ideological firepower to take capitalism head on.

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