Mia Arderne

Inside the mind of artist Charl-Christo Petersen: 165 paintings in 165 days of lockdown

Cape Town fine artist Charl-Christo Petersen never saw himself as that until lockdown, when he was able to take thoughts and feelings of many and put them down on canvas

‘1 000 nights in silence with you’: An extract by Mia Arderne

This piece by Mia Arderne from the book ‘Touch: Sex, Sexuality and Sensuality’ ‘puts class squarely in the middle of what is a global mental health crisis’

The irreverence of Shaleen Surtie-Richards

The actress, who died this week, paved the way for generations of talent

‘Skemerdans’: A mal interpretation of Cape Flats nightlife

Amy Jephta and Ephraim Gordon have written and directed a noir TV series that evokes nostalgia as well as tension and violence

F*ck this view, we’re heading north: Reliving ‘Mermaid Fillet’

Mia Arderne’s debut novel is, partly, a homage to place. Flashes of Cape Town’s northern suburbs pop up, offering hazy solace to the characters. Phumlani Pikoli went along for the ride.

The List: Author Mia Arderne’s influences

Drawing from other mediums as well as literature, author Mia Arderne lets us in on her influences before and after writing ‘Mermaid Fillet’

Extract from ‘Mermaid Fillet: A Noir Crime Novel’ by Mia Arderne

This extract from Mia Arderne’s debut work of fiction, ‘Mermaid Fillet: A Noir Crime Novel’ introduces readers to Uncle ‘M16-in-your-bek’

Proclamation 73: Forgotten people returned to history

An exhibition draws on people’s personal albums to reconstruct a past that is missing from current narratives

‘Tis the season: It’s festive, It’s fokol but depression is real

"Substance abuse is higher, depression is wider, exhaustion is deeper. We’ve tapped out, we’re tuned out, we’ve emotionally flat-lined."

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