Mia Malan

Take2: Winds of change sweep SA healthcare

Professors Hoosen Coovadia and Salim Abdool Karim, two of SA's foremost HIV researchers, were recently the health department's greatest enemies.

Nehawu lashes SA Medical Association

Nehawu: The South African Medical Association should get a better grip on OSD negotiations and keep its affiliate members.

Doctors use a torch to do operations

''This year we've been running out of simple things, such as Panado,'' says one doctor.

Ebony and ivory toyi-toyi in harmony

The toyi-toyiing ''helps me to get rid of my frustrations at the hospital'', says one doctor.

Abused from the womb

Pregnant women who drink alcohol put their unborn children at greater risk than they think, writes Mia Malan.

Doctors ‘insulted’

Angry medical practitioners staged daily lunch-hour pickets outside hospitals across the country last week.

A panacea for doctors, stat

Medical practitioners warn that they could resume strike action if government does not respond to their demands.

‘SA can’t handle an outbreak’

As swine flu threatens South Africa, experts say the country does not have enough of the medicines necessary to contain an epidemic.

Aids teen murdered

Aids activists have threatened mass action and a lawsuit against Kenya's government for its apparent failure to protect HIV-positive people from violence and intolerance. This follows the brutal murder of Isaiah Gakuyo, a frail 15-year-old boy who had been living with Aids.

Aids court case ends the silence

A historic lawsuit in the Nairobi High Court, the first time that a Kenyan court will have heard a case relating to alleged discrimination against someone living with Aids, recently galvanised East African Aids activists. Previously fractious organisations representing HIV-positive Kenyans, united to demonstrate in the streets and to declare a "new militancy".

The ART of treatment

The hospital on the outskirts of Nairobi wasn't built because of its proximity to the Kenyan capital's massive townships, although the chaotic slums do provide it with an overflow of patients. It wasn't constructed using millions of dollars of donor funds, which is why it consists completely of cold, grey cement, overcrowded wards and medical equipment dating back to the 1960s. The wind created Mbagathi Hospital.

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