Michael Rice

How should teachers be taught?

South Africa must radically rethink how to upgrade and motivate in-service educators.

Make ICT use a collective effort

Schools must plan their use of technology well in advance and get buy-in from all those involved.

Schools can’t ignore technology

Pupils were born in the digital age - and the schooling system needs to take this into account.

More than fancy IT machines

New technologies can liberate teachers to do what they are meant to do --- open young minds.

Crossing the teaching Rubicon

New technologies present immense opportunities but they must be used properly, writes Michael Rice.

Plugged-in learning reaps results

Teachers would benefit more from online, on-site training networks than expensive courses.

Getting in touch with tomorrow

Getting all children their textbooks on time? It's possible -- if we embrace the information age.

Universities vs teacher colleges

Varsity snobbery endangers the training of teachers for the foundation phase, writes <b>Michael Rice</b>.

Why we need new colleges of education

The crisis of teaching in the early grades disadvantages the majority of children, argues <b>Michael Rice</b>.

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