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Jenner debuts post-Bruce look, breaks Twitter record

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, unveiled her new name and sexy look in a Vanity Fair covershoot - drawing a smashing Twitter record.

Oscars: Shortlist announced for best foreign language film

From a list of 75 candidates, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the shortlist for the best foreign language film prize.

Police probe motive after LA Airport shooting

The FBI says it would be premature to comment on a motivation at this time and joint investigators have neither ruled out terrorism, nor ruled it in.

Sony PS4 attracts gamers as rival fails to win them over

As the E3 conference takes place, Sony has insisted that the game console war is far from won despite its PR launch triumph over Microsoft.

Fact or fiction? ‘Argo’ fuels Iran history debate

Iran's plan to make its own film to counter the "distorted" thriller "Argo" is fueling a debate about Hollywood and historical accuracy.

Voyager dances on the edge of infinity

Nasa's Voyager 1, launched in 1977, is nearing the outer boundary of the solar system and may already be "dancing on the edge" of outer space.

Peter O’Toole bows out of showbiz

Colourful veteran Irish actor Peter O'Toole, famous for films including 'Lawrence of Arabia', has announced his retirement at the age of 79.

Adele sweeps awards, Houston’s death clouds Grammys

British soul singer Adele has won the Grammy in every category she was nominated during a show clouded by the death of Whitney Houston.

Romney surges ahead with big win in Nevada

Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney romped to victory in the Nevada caucuses, cementing his position as frontrunner to take on Obama.

‘The Artist’ tops Golden Globes nominations

French-directed silent film <i>The Artist</i>, has been nominated for six Golden Globe awards, while <i>The Help</i> was nominated in five categories

How did Michael Jackson die?

The trial of Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray enters its final act as a jury prepares to consider whether the medic is guilty over his death.

Focus on Jackson’s death timeline as trial resumes

The trial of Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray enters a third week, with the spotlight on alleged inconsistencies of the star's final hours.

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