Michelle Nel

R1.1-billion land claim ‘captured’

This story was produced in partnership with Pulitzer Center. Details of the land claim settlement for MalaMala, one of South Africa’s most exclusive game reserves,...

Tilting at smokestacks in south Durban

Desmond D’Sa has rallied the community of Durban south in a fight for health

Science sets the pace

'When we spend on natural resource protection, we are paying global bills'

Ambassador for the planet

Nozipho Mxakato-Diseko is working to advance the position of developing countries

Climate change hits the poor hardest

When agricultural growth seasons change, and you are farming marginal land or for subsistence, you are most vulnerable, says Beaumont

Cosatu breaks stereotypes about climate justice

‘Climate jobs’ are more secure, require more skills and are cleaner

Dogged determination catches smugglers

Rhino Conservation Award - Winner: Endangered Wildlife Trust Rhino Project

Bird’s eye view on poachers

Rhino Conservation Award - Runner-up: The Zululand Anti-Poaching Wing

An unfinished story

Rhino Conservation Award - Runner-up: Wildlands Conservation Trust

Teamwork to fight rhino poaching

Project Rhino KZN wins the Rhino Rescue Award.

Fixing leaks beyond the factory fence-line

Water Sense by Sasol wins the Water Management Award.

Protecting biodiversity through innovative initiatives

Wildlands Conservation Trust is the runner-up in the Biodiversity Stewardship Award.

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