Nina Larson

Norwegian mass killer ‘would have done it again’

Norway's Anders Behring Breivik has told the court he was inspired by al-Qaeda, after a judge who wanted him to face the death penalty was dismissed.

Nobel season kicks off with medicine prize

The Nobel season opens with the medicine prize announcement, with the peace and literature awards both tipped to be coloured by the Arab Spring.

Whalers and watchers battle in Iceland

A slick black head breaks the surface, drawing shrieks from whale watchers in a lucrative activity that some say should replace whale hunts.

Norway’s oil capital looks to post-oil era

Long considered the oil capital of Norway, the small south-western town of Stavanger has begun hunting for a new image that will keep the money flowing in even after the oil wells dry up. In recent years, Norway, which once ranked third among oil exporters, has slipped to fifth place.

Natural living comes easy in Nordic countries

While organic food and ''green'' products are gradually catching on among wealthier, educated people around the globe, natural living has long been the norm across Europe's Nordic region. ''The Nordic countries tend to have a broader, more general consciousness of environmental issues than in other European countries,'' says Stockholm University researcher Hans Raemoe.

Nobel Prize for carbon-chemistry breakthrough

Yves Chauvin of France and Americans Robert H Grubbs and Richard R Schrock on Wednesday won the Nobel Prize for a breakthrough in carbon chemistry that opens the way to smarter drugs and environmentally friendlier plastics. The Nobel jury declared ''fantastic opportunities'' had resulted from the trio's work.

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