Nthikeng Mohlele

The presidential phone call that never was

A country is in flames. Two of its top men square off to say everything and nothing

The duplicitous conceit of innovation

Because of the multidisciplinary and collaborative nature of innovation, human foolishness and pettiness are often thwarted in favor and pursuit of the bigger picture which, in its essence, is meant to give them ‘dominion over all the earth.’

The Portfolio: Nthikeng Mohlele

A veteran author and part-time festival director, Nthikeng Mohlele can attest to the respective experiences being irreconcilable. Or are they?

Blowtorch prose hits the spot

Filled with great skill and craftsmanship, Fred Khumalo’s short stories are exceptional

The pitfalls of artistic canons

Is there sufficient rigour to update the existing literary canon and infuse it with new voices that will themselves become canons in decades to come?

A novel response to ‘Disgrace’

The author reimagines a voice and lets it fill the gaps of one of South Africa’s famous books

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