Oarabile Mosikare

Botswana to rule on scrapping anti-gay laws

Homosexual acts are outlawed in Botswana — one of Africa's most stable, democratic nations — under the country's penal code of 1965

The Zebras earned their stripes

The Zebras earned their stripesIt's no fluke that Botswana is now punching above its weight, commentators say.

Peak fitness is a challenge

<b>Oarabile Mosikare</b> took on Nyangabgwe Hill and found out why one of Botswana's older politicians is able to run circles around his opponents.

Draughts of change

Botswana's new alcohol tax -- introduced as a measure to promote health and safety -- is driving locals to drink, writes Oarabile Mosikare.

King of ‘fong kong’ football

The referee's gone off for a smoke, the players are drunk again and the kit needs washing. It's no joke owning a football team...

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