Obert Simwanza

Zambia’s new president vows ‘better’ democracy after landslide win

Speaking shortly after his predecessor Edgar Lungu conceded defeat, the business tycoon and veteran opposition leader said his camp had been victims of a "brutal regime that is exiting"

Zambia’s opposition leader Hichilema wins presidential vote at sixth bid

Business tycoon and opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema was on Monday declared winner of the hotly contested presidential election in debt-burdened Zambia

Zambia deports Biti, defying court order

Tendai Biti fled to Zambia on Wednesday, reportedly facing charges at home of inciting post-election violence

Fears of hidden debt in Zambia

For several weeks financiers have demanded answers about Zambia's external borrowing. But officials have rubbished suggestions of concealed debts

Zambia’s crackdown on sex dolls provokes fierce rights debate

​No one sells them openly, no one admits to owning one, and no one has been arrested— but Zambia is waging a fierce campaign against sex dolls

Zambia vote extended into third day

Zambian police fired tear gas to disperse supporters of the leading opposition candidate, as the presidential election was extended into a third day.

Opposition cries foul in Zambia presidential poll

Opposition candidate Hakainde Hichilema said some remote parts of the country had not received ballot papers halfway through the polling day.

High-profile homosexuality cases return to Zambia’s courts

Two cases involving a suspected gay couple and a gay rights activist have returned to Zambian courts, raising concerns over growing homophobia.

Zambian govt risks ire by scrapping maize subsidy

A decision by Zambia's president to slash a key food subsidy threatens to hit the poor, stoke inflation and spark a revolt against his government.

Heroes’ welcome for Zambia’s Copper Bullets

Chipolopolo have returned home to an ecstatic welcome from thousands of fans who gathered to greet the Africa Cup of Nations's winning team.

I’m allergic to corruption, says Zambia’s Sata

Zambia's new president Michael Sata has taken a strong stance on corruption, vowing to prosecute anyone found guilty of embezzlement.

Vote delays spark unrest in Zambian polls

Stone-throwing mobs smashed cars and blocked roads during voting in Lusaka after the opposition accused President Banda's party of rigging the ballot.

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