Ofentse Mboweni

Community health workers crucial for a future free of stunting

More than a quarter of children under five in South Africa are affected by stunting

Investing in nutrition is a crucial step in improving children’s rights

Extending the child support grant into pregnancy will play a vital role in combating stunting and improving the prospects of children in South Africa

The case for a maternal support grant

Financial support for pregnant mothers can help avoid the lifelong consequences of stunting, Minister Godongwana

South African politicians must urgently address childhood stunting

Chronic malnutrition is ruining the future for thousands of children

Sona 21: Malnutrition, Mr President, should be a ‘foremost, overriding priority’

Covid-19 has increased South Africa’s already dire child malnutrition levels, and the extension of the R350 special grant is not enough to change this

SA is food secure but millions of children are stunted

National dietary surveys estimate that 77% of children between the ages of six and 23 months do not receive a minimally acceptable diet

The workforce that makes our health system work

Community health workers need to be supported so that policies can be tangibly effective

Mabuza urges Hawks to ‘move speedily’ in the North West

The deputy president sought to allay concerns by outlining progress made in stabilising the situation in the platinum-rich province

Political parties fail to address nutritional stunting

Stunting affects the individual’s physical and cognitive development and economic growth

Who wants to get redeployed?

What exactly did Brian Mofele do at Eskom? Did he resign, retire or go on unpaid leave?

Gordhan to Denel board: Prove to us you’re not captured

The former finance minister wants the state arms manufacturer to prove it is not acting in the interests of the controversial Gupta family.

Gotta catch ’em all

Pimples depicts how the Gupta brothers captured everyone.

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