Paola Messana

Twisting tale sees Strauss-Kahn freed from house arrest

Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been freed from house arrest after the the woman accusing him of sexual assault altered her testimony.

US digs out from epic winter storm

Millions of Americans dug out from an epic winter storm on Wednesday that buried more than a third of the United States in drifting snow.

Vampires get their teeth into US public

Vampires are in fashion across the US, encouraged by the hit TV series <i>True Blood</i>, the <i>Twilight</i> movies and <i>Vampire Diaries</i>.

Prisoner swap mooted in Russia-US spy saga

The US has laid charges against alleged members of a Kremlin spy ring, as Russia and the US were said to be planning a Cold War-style prisoner swap.

Jackson memorial could be ‘King of Funerals’

From Elvis Presley to Princess Diana, iconic funerals are often marked by massive crowds, celebrity mourners and gut-wrenching emotion.

Master swindler Madoff to be sentenced on Monday

Thousands of people who lost their life savings in a multibillion-dollar scam will discover on Monday the fate of Wall Street swindler Bernard Madoff.

New York cemetery goes on sale

For sale: a slice of New York with room for 3&nbsp;000 new tenants -- provided they're dead.

Fido, frequent flier, gets his own airline

An airline catering to furry passengers takes to the skies this July with a promise to make air travel everything the domestic animal could want.

Hard up in New York? Pawn your Renoir

Pity the world's rich: as the credit crunch bites, they too are heading to the pawnbroker's -- albeit with a Renoir or Van Gogh under their arm.

Investor takes life after massive losses in Madoff scandal

A French investment manager who plowed &euro;1,5-billion ($2,1-billion) into Bernard Madoff's fraudulent scheme was found dead on Tuesday.

The little crocodile that conquered the US

French ''sports chic'' label Lacoste wowed the crowd with a ski-themed show on Saturday at New York Fashion Week, kicking off the 75th year of the little crocodile that conquered the United States. Lacoste was one of the first designers to put its logo -- the iconic green crocodile -- on the outside of its garments.

Finding food where others see trash

Just a few blocks from Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, bustling with Christmas shoppers, other New Yorkers are out getting what they need, with one big difference -- by not spending any money. For the city's ''Freegans'', finding bell peppers, apples and bagels in the bags of trash that litter the city's sidewalks is a way of life.

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