Pauli van Wyk

Bangui bunglers score R209m in contracts

The company that left SA troops high and dry in the CAR is still bagging major SANDF contracts.

SA soldiers died in CAR while generals dithered

While South African soldiers were fighting for their lives in the CAR last year, a different battle was going on back at defence headquarters.

SPCA inspectors deny claims of racial abuse by Modise’s farm manager

Two inspectors from the SPCA have dismissed reports that they have racially abused Thandi Modise's farm manager during an inspection.

Modise’s farm: ‘Threats’ to the lives of SPCA inspectors

SPCA inspectors say they will lay criminal charges against members of Thandi Modise’s staff who allegedly threatened them at her farm.

Vet ‘sabotage’ could save Thandi Modise’s bacon

The vet who performed the postmortems on several pigs' carcasses now refuses to have "anything to do" with the horror he encountered.

Modise’s farm: ‘Workers starved too’

Farmworkers claim they had been underfed and underpaid, and that they had begged for food.

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