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Gupta family’s list of friends dwindles

As its last accounts are put under pressure, SA’s other first family is ever shorter on allies

Eskom CFO Anoj Singh axed, sort of

Concern is growing over the threat of contagion to other state agencies if a similar scenario were to play out at a company the size of Eskom.

Developer ‘duped’ investors out of millions

‘Mr Gap Housing’ Faizal Motlekar in multiple court battles to keep his construction empire afloat

Police probe bugging at Sascoc’s Olympic House

Police are investigating sensational claims of “covert” bugging at the office of South Africa’s Olympic sports body and at the home of its CEO.

Ugly truth about ‘Gupta company’

'Patently false and dishonest': A new report blows open Trillian state capture case and a last-gasp bid to halt its release by ousting Tokyo Sexwale

Trillian to respond to damning state capture report

Nonexecutive chair Tokyo Sexwale released the report on, among other things, claims that Trillion irregularly scored millions from state contracts.

Dudu Myeni challenges Companies Act violations

The embattled chairperson of South African Airways, Dudu Myeni, is scheduled to challenge a finding that she was in breach of the Companies Act

[Archives] State capture: The eight big cheeses who must be grilled

Compelling evidence of corruption by ministers and parastatal higher-ups can no longer be ignored

SAA board in bid to ground Dudu Myeni

It has sought legal advice on options to remove the national carrier’s chairperson

Energy exec on ice over nukes

Some say Yvonne Chetty may be a ‘scapegoat’ as more red flags emerge in nuclear-linked deal

#GuptaLeaks has SA baying for blood

Official quarters remain silent on the most explosive exposure since the State of  Capture report

#GuptaEmails: Who is Rajesh Naithani?

The Gupta emails revealed by the Sunday newspapers show Rajesh Naithani allegedly lobbying Tony Gupta for a board post. He is on the SA Express board.

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