Philip Inman

Ben Bernanke could still cause an economic crash

Part of the US Federal Reserve chair's legacy is a country in recovery, but it's not yet back to banking business as usual as Bernanke steps down.

Spain: Wealth tax is a practical solution

Spaniards will worry that a bailout will come with a current account surcharge attached.

Government soft-soaps tepid Chinese growth

Analysts believe the official line on the economy is too optimistic

Ailing economies warned to pull up their socks

A European Commission report has offered a mix of scolding, praise and promises of cash to seven ailing European Union economies.

Spain pushes farmers to grow more

Spain might face uphill battles to meet the demands of supermarket chains and European regulations, which do not apply to North African grower.

Growth against all odds

The eurozone crisis has not stopped the FTSE, the Cac and the Dax climbing for most of the past three months.

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