Pierre-Henry Deshayes

Fight to end rape in war must begin in peacetime — Nobel Prize winner Denis Mukwege

The Congolese doctor won the Nobel prize for his work to end sexual violence in war and is considered an expert on gang rape in conflict

Verdict expected in Breivik marathon trial

An Oslo court is to hand down its verdict on Friday against Anders Behring Breivik for his twin attacks last year that left 77 people dead.

Norway youths describe being hunted by Breivik

Norwegians wounded in Anders Behring Breivik's shooting rampage have testified about how he hunted them down and used the trial to taunt the killer.

Witnesses describe Breivik’s ruse to get to Utoeya

A guard and a ferry captain have detailed how Anders Behring Breivik tricked them into allowing him to go to Utoeya Island, where he killed 69 people.

Keep it down, you’re hurting our sea life

Ocean noise levels have become unbearable for sea mammals with the constant churn of freighter propellers and the underwater din of military testing.

Trio go on trial for Mohammed cartoonist attack plot

Three men suspected of plotting an attack on the Danish newspaper that printed controversial Prophet Mohammed cartoons will go on trial this week.

Tourism, both bane and bonanza for Arctic researchers

Coping with blizzards and polar bears is part of daily life for researchers in the Arctic, but what really gets under their skin are the tourists.

Barents Sea teems with ‘Stalin’s crabs’

Legions of giant crabs clawing their way along the bottom of the Barents Sea are proving a godsend to the few fishermen authorised to catch the lucrative crustacean, but some fear the crabs are threatening the sea's fragile ecosystem. The Kamchatka crab, was introduced into the Barents by the Soviets in the 1960s -- about 30 years after a first, failed attempt by Stalin.

Giant cruise liner moves ‘like zippy sports car’

Four times heavier than the Titanic and with decks big enough for 25 football pitches, the Freedom of the Seas is the world's biggest cruiseliner, and yet as easy to manoeuvre as a zippy sports car, its captain insists. The vessel can accommodate 4 375 passengers and 1 365 crew.

Tom Thumb takes aim at the cellphone market

Perhaps hoping for a modern remake of David's victory over Goliath, Opera Software of Norway has taken on none other than mighty Microsoft as it attempts to get a hold on the emerging cellphone internet browser market.

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