Ray Leathern

The grass will be greener in 2010

A year away from South Africa's new 'green tax', Ray Leathern takes solace in the assured future of a diesel vehicle

Cheerful, but not cheap

Ford freshens up two of its more popular models, writes Ray Leathern

Underwhelming middleweight

I'd have thought the motor industry would've had the good sense to discard the antiquated, mid-sized luxury, or C-segment sedan by now.

Cheap, but at a cost

The Renault Logan was supposed to be a 'value for money' car, what it really is is old, writes Ray Leathern.

Five Qs — all answered

The Audi Q5 has everything it takes to compete with the Benzes and the Beemers.

No task too difficult

The Fortuner has independent double wishbones at the front, but aside from that, it shaped up nicely.

The executive showdown

The Audi A4 3,2FSI Quattro and the Cadillac CT square off.

Rules of rentals

One can spot a rental car a mile off: it normally has a GP or EC licence plate and a green triangle on the bumper.

How safe is safe?

Should all new cars be fitted with ABS? Ray Leathern looks at the merits of antilock brake systems.

Renault Sandero soon to be made in SA

The Sandero is another value- for-money offering that has seen the light of day thanks to the Renault and Nissan alliance.

An engineer’s dream car

My experience of engineers is that they are rarely the life of a dinner party. I recall an instance in which I was forced to play "the measuring game".

It’s big, but no bully

Ray Leathern writes that the face-lifted Mercedes Benz M-Class is a refined luxury SUV choice.

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