Ray Leathern

Free your inner hooligan

If cars speak volumes about the people driving them, what would a Mini say about you, asks Ray Leathern.

It could have been so good

First impressions of the Cerato are that it's a worthy contender -- certainly is a handsomely styled sedan.

Big bark, small bite

Who needs a R2-million Audi R8 V10 when you can have a R105 000 Suzuki Alto? Hell, why not make it 20 Suzuki Altos?

From extinction to distinction

In a year that's seen a sense of apathy towards four-wheeled vehicles, Nissan's juggernaut has muscled its way into many sought-after segments.

A very good car, but…

The Volkswagen Comfort Coupé (CC) grabbed a fair amount of attention at last year's Jo'burg motor show

Third time lucky

As expected the third generation Toyota Prius is filled with positive improvements, but the manufacturers have lightened up as well.

Future perfect

Well, almost. The green technology of the Lexus RX450h means a slight cost in terms of performance. Ray Leathern reports.

Savage, sporty and sublime

BMW, in a surprise bout of social engineering, has invented a cure for the people problem.

For those who love dirt

Do you remember that excellent Nissan Navara TV ad from a few years back?

A copycat that does the job

"Flat is the new up." This little gem of a quote belongs to Hyundai Motor America's president and CEO John Krafcik.

Old-school hooligan fun

Nissan's latest Z sports car is as subtle as a kick in the backside, with the performance to match.

It frees your mind, but does it free your wallet?

Let me get it out the way straight away: the Kia Soul is fantastic, but I do have a problem with the name.

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